As Senior Trader the most important things I do are spotting and trading opportunities. At the same time I have to keep track on what our junior traders do and guide them. What I like about this work is that you see immediate results of your actions. At the end of the day you see what decisions and positions paid off. My job is most challenging when the market crashes, but even on quiet days no day is the same because of company related news, macro events or trading interests in the market. All the time you have to be sharp and see opportunities before others see them.

Ruud - Senior Trader
Joined All Options in 2006

Deepti - Junior Trader
Joined All Options in 2018

I work with the Single Stocks team as Junior Trader. As part of my job, I try to identify what positions to take on, what’s a good or bad trade and what strategies work best. There is a lot of learning on a daily basis in this role and we have a great network of experienced mentors who advise and challenge junior traders along their learning curve.
What I like most about the job is that everybody is responsible for their product and for what they do. It does build some pressure, but the accountability that comes with the job is the most exciting part.

In my role as COO I work on different topics, but most important is to determine where we want to go as a company. I aim to help our people grow and develop themselves and ultimately make them satisfied about what they’re doing and accomplish set goals. By setting up the right structure and support I aim to help the traders as much as possible, so they can ultimately focus on the most important thing in their job: making money in trading.
What I like most is building a structure that improves the way people operate and create an environment where everybody takes responsibility.

Martin - COO
Joined All Options in 2012

Raul - Senior C++ Software Engineer
Joined All Options in 2010

As C++ Software Engineer I write trading strategies. Traders come up with ideas, they get approved by management and then we implement them and bring them into production.
What’s special about All Options is the size of the company, it’s small and personal. Also we have our technology up to date. We use almost the latest C++ version which is nice. And I like the fact that you have an impact right away. Another brilliant thing is that we as software developers are located between traders. Whatever we do, the next day after we put it to production, we feel the vibe and we know when it works or when it doesn’t work.

As a Network Architect at All Options you are responsible for designing and managing internal networks as well as the connections to the financial exchanges. In my position I am also responsible for the design; from high level designs to the smallest details.
What I like about this job is that a financial trading network is such a critical point in the infrastructure. We have to make sure that all IT connections work. The last years we ran a very stable network with no disruptions, at least not from our side. Our biggest challenge if you ask me is making sure it will keep on running as stably as possible.

Wim - Network Architect
Joined All Options in 2009

Rachel - Financial Controller
Joined All Options in 2015

Working as a financial controller at All Options is very diverse. My role is to ensure our financial information is correct and complete to make important decisions, as well as reporting to DNB, AFM, tax authorities and to our stakeholders. Every day at All Options is different, that’s what makes this job so interesting. Within All Options we communicate directly which I like very much. We often walk up to a colleague and briefly ask for their opinion or input. We are successful because we believe that everybody’s work is equally important and together we achieve the best results.

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